How to win an argument – 5 common mistakes to avoid

While there are certain dos you need to follow towin an argument, there are some mistakes you need to avoid as well. Here we take a look at what these are: 

1. Insulting a person with an opposing viewpoint.

When people disagree with you, you might be tempted to give a personal insult. However, saying that they are idiotic or stupid, will not help get them on your side of the fence. 

2. Telling the opposite person that they are following someone else’s viewpoint blindly. 

If you do this, and tell them that they should agree with what you are saying, it only provesthat you are being hypocritical. When you say this to someone, and expect themto be in sync with your point of view, you are implying that theyshould blindly fall in line with your opinion instead. 

3. Saying things that are exactly opposite to the stand you have taken. 

It’s essential to practice what you preach, and this is especially true when you want to win arguments. In simple words, the argument you put forth and your behavior should be in sync with each other. If you fail to do this, it will make you look hypocritical, which ends up weakening your viewpoint. 

4. Not listening to the explanations for reasons that the person with an opposing viewpoint has.

It is important to understand that when you are arguing on a certain point, you are not involved in a monologue. In any discussion or debate, it is necessary to ask or listen to what the other person is saying. You always have the option to put forth your ownpoint, but you need to respect the fact that others would have their ownstance too.

5. Believing that you can have just one discussion and win an argument that has a philosophical base. 

If you havean in-depth discussion with somebody about a philosophical topic, it’s unlikely that a person with an opposing viewpoint will suddenly change their mind in a single discussion. It’s also very likely that the person wouldn’t change their mind at all. Having a healthy argument or debateis a good thing. 

You need to be aware that winning a philosophical, religious or political argument very quickly might not be possible. More often than not, this kind of argument eventually causes an incompetent debater to end up telling the opposite person that they are either stupid or idiotic. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

  • It’s always best to be respectful and logical when you are arguing a point. A person who opposes your view would be more open to your side of the argument if you are respectful and behave calmly. 
  • If you fling personal insults and do not listen to what they are saying, it’s very unlikely that they will ultimately come round to your point of view. Just as you might have a strong opinion about a certain topic, it is likely that they feel strongly about it too. When you keep this in mind and put forth your argument in a logical manner, it increases your chances of winning that argument. 

Having a respectful discussion is more important that insulting someone and being berated by them in the bargain. 

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