Easy ways to reduce stress

January 17, 2019.


Almost all of us suffer from stress to some extent. A certain minimum level of stress is actually considered good, but most people have the problem of far too much stress in their lives. It has everything to do with the way our bodies react to particular situations: headaches, back pain, and depression can all result from too much stress. The good news: stress can be combated.  Here are some concrete actions you can take to combat stress.

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Whether it's your phone's wallpaper or your desktop PC's background, the good news is that your screen image can be used to minimize eye strain. Find out here how to pick a good image that will decrease eye strain.

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Here I'm reviewing Lulu, a self-publishing company, for the purposes of creating a personal journal.  Read on to get the pros and cons of using Lulu for creating a personal journal.

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How to maximize your free time

January 18, 2019.


There are 24 hours in a day but it's understandable if you feel these are barely enough! You might be wondering what life could have looked like if we had more time to ourselves? And perhaps when you finally you do get the free time, it still doesn’t feel like a free time - it's all too easy to let worries crowd in. Relax and read on: you're in the right place.

This article gives you tips on how best you can maximize your time. Nothing can be compared to having some alone time to pamper yourself. Those who do it have 24 hours just like you! You can take these easy steps to help yourself to the free time you surely deserve.

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